Friday, June 6, 2008

Come Spend An Evening With Abyssal Gems!

YES! guys and gals! you read it right! An evening with ABYSSAL GEMS! its happening this SUNDAY NIGHT in the PROMO FORUMS, right here on etsy and at the following times: 7pm pst 10pm est 3am uk time.
This is a free for all and anybody and everybody can come in and ask me any question that they want about me, my jewelry, my materials, you get the idea.
June 15, the Etsy Artist Lounge (my team) will be featuring a new shop owner and her name is AnacDesigns. We will be featuring a new shop EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT! Come on into the promo forums on sunday nights and relax and unwind from the week and ask questions of our shop owners. This is put on by The Etsy Artist Lounge! See you soon! Abyssal Gems

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