Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New member and a Virtual Lab!

We will be in the virtual labs and in the moon room (how cool does that sound?) at 9pm est:

That's right folks, the Etsy virtual labs will be open tomorrow, the 3rd March 2010 from 9 pm EST. See you there!

We have a new member! Please join with us to welcome Corinne of A Rainy Day Design. Corinne makes beautiful jewelry with a difference - check it out.

Do you want to join our awesome team? Here are the guidelines:

We are now only accepting new member applicants on the 1-5 of every month. Know of someone who would like to join? Feel free to give them the application:
Etsy Artist Lounge Application and Rules
1. Please include your shop name and email
2.Tell a little bit about your shop
3.Consideration can take 1 week to 1 ½ weeks before you are notified
4.Read and agree to team rules
5. Email your application http://au.mc342.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=to:creatureofthenight1313@yahoo.com
Team Rules
1. NO arguing amongst members- this is grounds for removal from the team. Please take your disagreements to the team leader.
2..Everyone help each other when possible
3. MUST participate within the team! NO participation at all, is grounds for dismissal. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
4. Must have valid shop and email
The Etsy Artist Lounge, appreciates your interest.
Abyssal Gems
Team Leader and Secretary

Please read our newsletter here.

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A Rainy Day Design said...

well I finally made it to visit this blog.. Thank you for the welcome :)